creepCreep Creepersin is an author, filmmaker, musician, actor and podcaster from Los Angeles, California. He has been called ‘the next Jess Franco’ and ‘the new Roger Corman’ by his peers and top sites.

As an author, Creep has written over 20 books including The Black Star Canyon series, the Slasherton series, and his bizarro novella series aptly named Creepology among others.

Creep has written, produced and directed over 50 feature films, short films, music videos and web series’ since 2006. His films have a long range over many different horror sub-genres including comedy, action, exploitation and science fiction.

Creep is the frontman and songwriter for the horror punk band Creepersin that was formed in 2004. Creepersin has been looked at as one of the godfathers of the new millenniums horror punk / goth rock / dark wave scene. The bands first release, The Rise of Creepersin, has been called ‘The Horror Punk Bible’ by reviewers and fans.


As an actor, Creep has been in over 30 films and web shows mainly as a character actor. The wide range of roles he has pla

yed have varied from the nerdy Crom in Monster Killers Club, to the tormented husband in He, to the redneck vampire in Vaginal Holocaust. More recently, Creep can be seen as The Evil Goldfist in action/comedy Finger Bang, where he plays a Bond-type  super villain.

Creep has also done many podcasts. Creepersincast was the first where he talks about whatever he likes from filmmaking, film reviews, music, wrestling, toys, video games and also interviews industry types and people he has worked with. Podcast 451 he does with collaborator Zoe Humphries and it is based on their own self publishing trials. Giallo Ciao Ciao is Creep’s giallo appreciation show that he hosts with the Phantom Erik and Chris Bellis from gialloscore.com


Creep is a public speaker as well and has spoken on topics from filmmaking, distribution, how to write a novel or screenplay quickly, how to start a film production studio, how to make a film in a weekend, how to make more money by taking advantage of male insecurities. More general topics also include teamwork, team building and making money online.

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