Why I think Hannibal is a Beautiful Show

It took me a long time before I wanted to watch this show. I figured that it was some ridiculous, “monster of tFullCasthe week” type show. Even though, it has that element, it is done in a very cool way that mainly focuses on an on going story arc. That is the kind of TV I love.

For instance, most people who love the X-Files, like the non-canon episodes better. Not me. I can’t stand TV shows that have those “extra” episodes that do not push the story arc for the season through. A lot of that has to do with networks wanting a certain number of episodes and the main writers not having enough episodes in their hat to give the network. So they usually bring other writers to come up with a “stand alone” episode. I really dislike that a great deal.

The thing about Hannibal that drew me to it, once I decided to give it chance, was the art direction and set design. If you look up at the cast picture above, you will see what I mean. It is so lush that it is almost sensory overload, but in the most classy way possible.

The palate of this show is something to be seen. In the first season, I honestly wasn’t even paying attention to dialogue at some points because I was so in awe of what I was seeing. From Hannibal’s dining room, to the FBI bathroom, to Freddie’s hotel room, each set was masterfully crafted.

The first season really nails this much more then the second, but let’s cross our fingers for a return to that look in the third.

la-lh-hannibal-tv-show-set-design-photos-20130605Let’s start with the dining room since we have all ready seen it.

The deep blue wallpaper standing across from a stone will with an herb garden, is so breathtaking.

You might be thinking to yourself, “who the fuck would have a garden in their dining room?” but after you watch the show, you will be pissed that you don’t have a garden in your dining room. The contrast is so over the top, but at the same time complements the room so nicely.

The fireplace with the giant horns on the mantle are so perfect. It adds the barbaric killing of animals and the fire to cook it over as it looks across the room the herb garden. This leaves those who consume the food, right in the middle of their courses. It’s brilliant and beautiful.

Don’t get me started on thtumblr_inline_moaox88qGH1qz4rgpose floors! Those are amazing. Even better in Hannibal’s office…

Hannibal’s office is a fantasy for most men. For me, the floors blow me away. The light-grey wood, slightly ashy looking floor is amazing with the colors of the room. It reminds me a lot of the houses in the original version of the show The Bridge.

Hannibal-OfficeThe second story balcony that surrounds the room is great for Hannibal looking down on his patients, as if he is “above” them. The sparse and minimalist furniture is great especially his desk chair that makes me salivate.

Some time ago, Bryan Fuller, the creator of the show, tweeted out these set design shots that are amazing. You can find them on many sites online. One site I found that was really cool was Eat the Rude, which is a Hannibal fan site.

One thing that I haven’t Hannibal - Season 1talked about too much yet is the wardrobe on this show. Most of it isn’t “what” the people are wearing, but “what colors” they are wearing. Here is a shot from Hannibal’s office that looks amazing with the wardrobe in it.

Besides that couch being gorgeous against that wall, the actors look great sitting on it. The lighting also helps a lot. I love the way the light never really reaches the edges of the screen. It gives everything a surreal and classic look that most shows do not have.

We will get more in wardrobe another day possibly. I freaking love Hannibal’s wardrobe in almost every scene. Second season not so much. Especially the collars of his shirts but we can talk about another time.

FBI-MensRoomAnother thing that is awesome about the sets is how some of them have been inspired by films like the Shinning. The FBI bathroom and a murder scene bathroom both have a familiar look.

As you can see on here, they  even have an inspiration pic from the shinning. This 6MuGUKmscene seriously popped right out of the screen for me.

The bathroom in room 207 from the Shinning was also the inspiration of a murder scene.

Just look at this pic and see how the lighting sets it’s mood and just how rich the colors are.

I freaking can’t enough of it.


505998_originalSpeaking of crime scenes, another one, that I won’t ruin anything about, jumped out at me and was just so lush I had to include it. The reds in this with the blacks and shadows are truly art.

The actual “antler room” is also a fest for the eyes as well, but in a completely different way. The antlers that cover the attic and make you feel in danger and sense the horror of what happened in their prior, gives this room a444486_600  giant contrast to the beauty of the other sets on the show.

One of my favorite places on the show, I don’t believe is a set at all, but an actual location. It is the home of Hannibal’s own therapist, played by Gillian Anderson. Her home from the outside is a modern work of art, in it of itself. tumblr_inline_n0luycLek71re52tnThe angles, the windows, the stonework. It is just an amazing structure.

The thing that gets me going in this place however, is her office inside. It’s not just her office, but the ceiling in her office that turns me into a complete geek.

Trying to find a great shot of the ceiling in her office was tricky, but from this photo, I think you can get the idea.

tumblr_inline_n0lz5pYhmG1re52tnHoly crapballs, right?

It is a work of art. Each shot of this show, could be a painting.

It is beautiful.

I could go on and on about my favorite sets, but instead, I will just leave you with a couple more pics that I love.


Hannibal’s Foyer.


And, last but not least, Hannibal’s kitchen.

I freaking love that chair in the corner.

Also, this is a working kitchen and all the appliances and apparently GE Monogram series. That’s some awesome product placement.

For those of you that know me, I love those old 70′s giallo films because of the fashion and the sets. This show has been the first modern thing to make me feel the some way.

I might do a blog about the wardrobe on this show too, but, now, I have to eat. :)

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